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Okay so because I think it smart to consider/ponder on/research cosmetic surgery procedures for at least a couple of years before committing, I should probably start vaguely thinking about rhinoplasty now.

So, nose jobs, yay or nay? I get the impression that they are a lot more volatile/risky than boob jobs, even with good surgeons. Anybody know if that’s true? Anybody have any anecdotes they’d like to share with me?

I had a non-cosmetic nose job a couple of years ago free through the public health system, so I know your experience will probably be fairly different, but I might be able to offer some insight.

I’m not exactly sure what they did, but I’m pretty sure tissue and cartilage was removed to open up the airways because I could barely breathe through my nose at all for my whole life which caused sleeping problems, snoring, and other health issues.

There was no need to break the nose or anything so my recovery time was around 2 - 3 months (by which time I was actually able to finally breathe a little) and I still had some traces of blood coming out for another month or so after that.

In terms of pain I only felt an ache in my face bones for about a week afterwards. The first two days were the worst, where I needed to be pumped with morphine. After that codeine was fine.

I also did it in the middle of January so I had an issue with getting really hot and starting to bleed through all the gauze and dressings several times. I was woken up with my pillow covered in blood by the nurse, and bled all over my food while I tried to eat a couple of times. That was gross.

I had about 3 visits to clean and clear all of the tissue and shit they inserted in my nose as well as all the bloody mucus. They used a suction rod and those were a tad painful, but mostly it was just a weird sensation.

I think the worst thing about the experience was the disgusting stuff they spray up your nose to numb it. It stings and tastes 10x worse than snorting MDMA, and is just generally uncomfortable.They did that before the operation and before they cleaned my nose each time.

I don’t regret it in the slightest as I breathe, sleep and generally have a better quality of life after getting it done, however there are some resulting cons. My nasal passages are pretty sensitive to cold air, I get hay fever all year round due to the fact that I’m actually properly exposed to allergens, and there are still tiny bits of blood on my tissues on rare occasions (though I’m not sure if that’s just how normal noses work, I’ve never really asked anyone if they get tiny bits of blood in their snot every few weeks).

OH, and it changed the shape of my nose a tiny bit, though not enough to notice. It just kind of looks a tiny bit thinner according to mum.

So, yeah. Hope that kinda gives you a little bit of info.

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Anonymous asked: If envy ever gets tired of your dick, I will happily donate a vagina to the cause.


I dunno, she’s a pretty big fan of it from what I can tell, so I don’t know if she’s likely to tire of it per se. However, my unusually high libido of late has got her sort of looking for a surrogate vagina so if you’re willing to fulfill that role maybe get in touch with her?

Why has no one replied with this yet?

A bit about my life in the last month or so:

1. Yes, I did finally get laid. Aren’t you glad I stopped complaining? 

2. I did get the house and I did move out. It’s fucking great.

3. I’ve started a new financial venture and a new blog in which I talk about that stuff. (If you do want to read that blog, please inbox me as I wont be posting that up for privacy reasons)

4. I’m generally happier all round. I feel good, I feel like I look good, I’m treating myself better mentally and physically, I haven’t had my usual morning & afternoon anxiety attacks, and I have new goals and aspirations to work toward for the next few months AND most importantly the next few years.

Drino is on fiyaaaaaaaaaaaa.

It’s a hard life when all you want is a dude to booty call, but like just the dick part and not the dude.

UGHHHHH. I want dick. But ew, boys.


Yesterday we inspected the apartment NEXT DOOR to Rose and we loved it. I’m pretty confident we should get it, but I’d be so fucking crushed if we don’t.

Commence nervous pacing until I get the phone call.

At first I was like, mhmmm gurl. Goddamn.

and then I scrolled up


Yeah, I am now. I’m just feeling smothered at the moment and really far from the people I need most. *sigh*

Yeah, I am now. I’m just feeling smothered at the moment and really far from the people I need most. *sigh*